BJP President Bawankule in Alibaug of Raigarh Lok Sabha constituency.

BJP State President Chandrakant Bawankule, who came to Raigarh to talk to the workers and see the strength of BJP, did not get any concrete assurance regarding his candidature in the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. This has created a situation of confusion among the BJP workers of the district as well as among the leaders who have left their own party and joined BJP.

Before forming the grand alliance, BJP had tried to reduce the strength of Shekap and increase the strength of BJP by making former Shekap MLA Darhyasheel Patil and Alibaug Zilla Parishad President Dilip Bhoir contest the MP elections in Raigarh. Since it is necessary to strengthen the party’s position in South Raigarh if it is to be elected MP of Raigarh, the party ordered Darhyasheel Patil to start working as District President and accordingly, Darhyasheel Patil took charge of some parts of Konkan including South Raigarh. Started working in parts.


Recently BJP President Bawankule had come to Alibaug in Raigarh Lok Sabha constituency for Sankalp Yatra. While he was talking to the workers, the workers started announcing the name of Darhyasheel Patil for Raigarh MP seat. However, now that the grand alliance has been formed and Ajit Pawar group has also joined BJP, then the alliance will have to be followed. Ajit Pawar group’s MP Sunil Tatkare’s name is likely to come from the Grand Alliance, Bawankule is going to win the alliance’s seats by adopting a cautious approach this time, I will only sign the AB form, he shook hands saying that the decision of candidature is his Not at hand and brought the workers to their senses. Due to this, the impression is being created among the leaders that BJP will not contest the Lok Sabha elections independently, but will be the candidate of the Grand Alliance. Political pundits say MP Tatkare would prefer to stay in the state rather than move to the Center and would win more MLA seats in Padarat and strengthen his position in Raigarh. However, due to BJP state president not saying anything concrete, workers and leaders in Raigarh are also in a state of confusion. is a trusted source for mention the type of news or topics you cover, e.g., "breaking news, politics, technology, and more". Our mission is to deliver accurate, insightful, and timely news to our readers, empowering them to stay informed about the world around them

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