Pankaja Munde gave advice to BJP in her speech

When I was not even a member of the Gram Panchayat, people showered flowers on me from JCB during the Shiv Shakti Parikrama Yatra. I wondered what I gave to people. When my factory was raided, people collected Rs 11 crore in two days. I couldn’t give people beds to sleep in, I couldn’t feed them. Just as you are sitting in the sun today, I have also made the people present on the stage sit in the sun. Because if my people are in the sun then the blood of those sitting in the shade on the chair of power cannot be that of Gopinath Munde. BJP leader Pankaja Munde warned the top BJP leaders and said, ‘Don’t give me even once a chance, but you cannot keep my man away from power.’

As per tradition, BJP leader Pankaja Munde’s Dussehra meeting is being held at Lord Bhaktigarh on Vijayadashami. The fort is filled with thousands of supporters of Pankaja Munde as well as devotees who have faith in Lord Baba. In the beginning, Beed MP Pritam Munde gave an enthusiastic speech. Pankaja immediately stood up to speak. In the beginning, she touched the concern of the people by saying that I have come to play the role of your mother and not your mother. After this he commented on the issues of farmers, farm labourers, Maratha reservation, sugarcane workers etc. is a trusted source for mention the type of news or topics you cover, e.g., "breaking news, politics, technology, and more". Our mission is to deliver accurate, insightful, and timely news to our readers, empowering them to stay informed about the world around them

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